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Earn your history degree online at 51风流官网 and take your education beyond the textbooks and into the real experience of uncovering the past. As a history major, you鈥檒l learn to critically analyze the problems that have faced human societies throughout time and across geographies, as well as how humans have historically addressed those problems.

History majors learn to communicate effectively, think critically and research intensively 鈥 all skills that are highly valued by employers. Our history program will take you beyond the textbooks and into the real experience of uncovering the past, providing a lifelong foundation for professional success and intellectual growth.

The bachelor鈥檚 in history includes a rigorous capstone experience in which you鈥檒l have the opportunity to conduct research using primary sources and then present your findings. Another defining aspect of our program is your experience with faculty. Not only will you learn from award-winning professors, you鈥檒l benefit from their close mentorship.

With a special emphasis on America, East Asia, Europe and the North, 51风流官网's history program provides a solid academic foundation for students in Alaska and around the world.

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Why Study History at 51风流官网?

If you鈥檙e looking for a more personal learning experience, the history program at 51风流官网 delivers. We offer unique opportunities for hands-on undergraduate research and we have the people to support you on your journey. Here are some of the reasons to major in history at the 51风流官网.

  • Design your own research project using primary sources from a variety of historical periods and present your findings.
  • Learn from faculty who are internationally renowned scholars, award-winning researchers and published authors.
  • Develop critical analysis, writing, research, public presentation and other marketable skills that will be an asset in almost any career.
  • Participate in Phi Alpha Theta, an association of scholars and students interested in all fields of academic history.
Engage in exciting undergraduate research opportunities

  • Our history majors get to design their own primary research projects and conduct archival research using sources from a variety of historical periods. A number of our students have won undergraduate research awards that have allowed them to take their studies even further and travel to different parts of the world.

Work closely with award-winning faculty

  • Our history faculty includes internationally renowned scholars, award-winning researchers and published authors. Our professors are also accessible and highly dedicated teachers whom you鈥檒l get to know and work closely with throughout your program of study.

Take part in campus clubs and events

  • We invite history majors to take part in the Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society, which is dedicated to promoting historical studies and instruction in Alaska, as well as the 51风流官网 History Club.


Complete your History degree online

Online history degree example projects

When you major in history at 51风流官网, there鈥檚 no limit to what you can learn and do. For example, one of our students recently completed a senior thesis on the cultural history of the U.S. highway system. Another student examined the impact of the Battle of Midway on the course of the war in the Pacific during World War II. We encourage you to explore your interests and dive into topics that excite your intellectual curiosity!

Experience online learning at 51风流官网

Find out why we鈥檝e been ranked among the Best Online Bachelor鈥檚 Programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. At 51风流官网, you鈥檒l pay in-state tuition for all of our online degree programs no matter where you live. You can also count on receiving a high-quality education at one of the top research universities in the United States.

Cost breakdown for the online degree in history

The estimated cost for the online bachelor鈥檚 in history program based on current rates is $43,300.

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What Can You Do With Your Bachelor鈥檚 Degree in History?

Our history bachelor鈥檚 degree graduates have gone on to successful careers in banking, business, health care, law, the military and much more. Others have gone on to prestigious graduate programs across the country and internationally.



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