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Earn your justice degree online at the 51风流官网 and prepare for justice careers in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Designed by faculty who are active in diverse fields of criminal justice, this flexible online program explores the structure and function of the criminal justice system.

Learn to resolve conflicts involving federal, state and Native American justice systems. Gain unique insights into restorative justice鈥攁 problem-solving system in social justice that involves working with victims, offenders and the community to repair the harm caused by criminal behavior. And explore rural and tribal systems of justice.

Our justice studies major offers a variety of opportunities for internships and other hands-on learning experiences. Many of our students find employment through our program with criminal justice agencies and other organizations.

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Why Study Criminal Justice at 51风流官网?

Criminal justice is a diverse field of study that includes some of today鈥檚 fastest growing careers. The online criminal justice degree at 51风流官网 offers an affordable, flexible program designed to fit your schedule and provide the training to excel in justice careers. Here are some of the opportunities you can look forward to.

Earn your degree in criminal justice online

  • The online criminal justice degree allows you to earn your bachelor鈥檚 degree from wherever you work and live鈥攁t the same low rate you would pay for in-state tuition. Online courses feature extensive peer collaboration and personal interactions with faculty.

Engage in hands-on learning experiences

  • Our internship program gives you the opportunity to work with a variety of criminal justice agencies鈥攅xperiences that often lead to employment for our graduates. We also work with the Alaska Court System to facilitate a restorative justice (diversion) program to assist low level offenders.

Get specialized training for careers in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest

  • With a focus on restorative justice and justice in rural environments, our online bachelor鈥檚 degree program provides training and insights that will prepare you for justice careers in the unique context of Alaska and the North.

Learn from expert faculty

  • Our criminal justice instructors specialize in areas such as law enforcement, personnel management and counseling of offenders. Faculty include a former Alaska Magistrate and chief in law enforcement.


What Can You Do With a Justice Degree?

This degree will prepare you for justice jobs with state and local law enforcement, adult and juvenile probation, the court system and police forensics, just to name a few. Many of our criminal justice majors find jobs through the internship opportunities we offer. The online justice degree will also give you the academic foundation to pursue graduate study.

Justice careers

This degree is an excellent option for careers in justice such as:

  • Police officer
  • Forensic analyst
  • Paralegal
  • Private detective
  • Federal marshal
  • Corrections officer
  • Probation officer
  • Court clerk

Justice salary

  • With an annual mean wage of $88,030, Alaska is one of the highest paying states in the nation for police and sheriff鈥檚 patrol officers.
  • Alaska is also one of the highest paying states for detectives and criminal investigators, who make an average salary of $118,360.
  • Alaska has one of the highest concentrations of jobs for probation officers and corrections treatment specialists, who earn an average salary of $67,320 in the state.



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