Calculate Your Tuition (2024 鈥 2025)

Not sure if you qualify for Alaska Resident tuition rates? Visit the  to learn more, or contact the Office of Admissions at or 907-474-7500.

鈥51风流官网 CTC course credits ($0 /cr)

鈥51风流官网 CRCD course credits ($0 /cr) 1

鈥僒roth Yeddha' (Fairbanks) Undergraduate course credits ($0 /cr) 2

鈥僒roth Yeddha' (Fairbanks) Graduate course credits ($0 /肠谤)鈥

 Applies to Bristol Bay, Chukchi, Interior Alaska, Kuskokwim and Northwest Campus courses.

2 Applies to Academic Programs offered through the Rural College and Troth Yeddha' (Fairbanks) campus.



鈥僓ndergraduate course credits ($0 /cr)

鈥僄raduate course credits ($0 /cr)

鈥僓ndergraduate course credits - F300- and F400-level only ($0/cr)

鈥僄raduate course credits ($0/cr)



鈥僄rand Total 3$0鈥冣赌


鈥僒otal Course Tuition $0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌51风流官网 CTC Courses ($0 /肠谤)鈥儀鈥0 $0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌51风流官网 CRCD Courses ($0 /肠谤)鈥儀鈥0 $0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌僒roth Yeddha' (Fairbanks) 鈥 Undergraduate credits ($0 /肠谤)鈥儀鈥0 $0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌僒roth Yeddha' (Fairbanks) 鈥 Graduate credits ($0 /肠谤)鈥儀鈥0 $0鈥冣赌

CEM and CBSM Surcharges

鈥僒otal Surcharges$0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌僀EM Undergraduate course credits ($0 /肠谤)鈥儀鈥0 $0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌僀EM Graduate course credits ($0 /肠谤)鈥儀鈥0 $0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌僀BSM Undergraduate course credits ($0 /肠谤)鈥儀鈥0 $0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌僀BSM Graduate course credits ($0 /肠谤)鈥儀鈥0 $0鈥冣赌

Fees 4

鈥僒otal Fee Charge$0鈥冣赌

鈥僀onsolidated Fees$0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌僀TC course credits ($0 / cr)鈥儀鈥0$0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌僀RCD course credits ($0 / cr)鈥儀鈥0$0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌僒roth Yeddha' (Fairbanks) Undergraduate course credits ($0 / cr)鈥儀鈥0$0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌僒roth Yeddha' (Fairbanks) Graduate course credits ($0 / cr)鈥儀鈥0$0鈥冣赌

鈥僓A Network Fee$0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌0 CTC course credits鈥儀鈥($0 / cr)$0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌0 CRCD course credits鈥儀鈥($0 / cr)$0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌0 Troth Yeddha' (Fairbanks) Undergraduate course credits鈥儀鈥($0 / cr)$0鈥冣赌

鈥冣赌0 Troth Yeddha' (Fairbanks) Graduate course credits鈥儀鈥($0 / cr)$0鈥冣赌

鈥僃acilities Fee ($0 / cr)鈥儀鈥0$0鈥冣赌

3 This is an estimated total based on 2022-2025 rates before waivers, discounts or scholarships, which may impact the balance due. Your actual cost may vary.

4 Learn more about fees