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Social networking sites can have a significant impact on the traffic to your blog posts. Sharing your posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest helps new readers find your content and it boost external traffic to your blog or social writing site. So when you publish a post, be sure that you’ve optimized the post for social sharing!

What do I mean by “optimize”? I mean that your post should be created so it will look good when it’s Tweeted, pinned, or shared on sites like Facebook and G+. That means you need to pay attention to three key features: 1) your title; 2) the images in your post; 3) the excerpt and opening paragraph of your post.

  1. 1 Optimizing Your Title for Social Media

    Your post’s title will be picked up on social networks and search engines, so you want to include a few keywords and some good emotional content in every title you compose. Titles are especially important when it comes to sharing on Twitter, because they are often the only part of your post that will show up in the Tweet. So you should think of Twitter when you optimize a blog title. Be sure that your title sounds like natural speech, and that it says something of substance. 

    Titles that ask a question can do very well on Twitter. It’s fine if the title leaves the prospective reader wondering what the post will be about – that just entices him to click the link! But don’t confuse the reader completely. Titles that are too generic and vague are a turn-off. And if you’re going to ask a question, be sure your wording is grammatically correct. Word order for questions in English is different from that of other languages. So if English isn’t your mother tongue, you may want to ask a native speaker to help you with the question format. Be sure you get it right so your titles make sense to your readers!

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