The idea of saving money while you reduce, reuse and recycle is not a new one. For generations people have made an effort to save money while they reduce what they buy, reuse what they have and recycle everything they can.

In an effort to reduce the amount of money spent, many would not buy items in cardboard boxes, like those pictured here. Foods that are processed are usually the most expensive items in a grocery store. Avoiding packaged items like these could be the beginning in an effort to save money.

Reducing the amount of items purchased for a home throughout the year is an easy way to save money. Thrift stores often have items buyers want for considerably less than they cost new. Often things found in thrift stores have never been used.

There are many who make their own laundry products, as well as toothpaste, shampoo and more to reduce what they spend. This also reduces the chemicals they are putting on their body and in their home.

In some rural areas people are able to collect rain water to use for washing their cars, watering their gardens and more. This reduces utility bills while helping rain water get to where it is often needed the most.

One of the most important ways to reduce spending and not adding to the waste on the planet is to not buy anything that really is not needed. This would include such things as vehicles. Some might consider the purchase of a new car every other year a must, when in reality, most cars can last much longer than we want to admit.

When it comes to reusing what someone has available, this is another step that will help most save huge amounts of money. Passing clothing from one person to another in a family is an easy way to save and another one that is certainly not new.

Many household articles can be reused by shifting items from one room to another. Furniture that may no longer seem fit in one space can usually be reused in another room. A simple coat of paint can often make something that seems worn look new again.

Recycling is a way to make a bit of money in some areas. If you have items that are considered scrap metal, these can be sold. However, in most cases, the point of recycling for yourself is to use what you have in another manner. Some make their own compost with food scraps rather than placing these in the trash. Others see ways to use items that are usually tossed in the trash in a different way so as to save money.

There are many online videos that teach viewers how to recycle by making new clothes out of old. Also, how to make jewelry and gifts out of items that might otherwise be tossed. Such instructional videos are clever as well as educational.

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