This story is a legend of the Moro-Isolan people of the Philippines about the existence of day and night and why the stars appear only at night.

Many, many years ago, there was daylight throughout the years. There was no night because the Sun and the Moon were always together. The Moon was the wife of the Sun and the two lived happily with their children for many thousands of years.

But one day, the Sun told the Moon that he was going out for a walk. He requested her to cook some gabi leaves for him to eat after his walk.

“The pot must be filled with cooked gabi by the time I arrive home,” he said.

“The leaves will shrink as they cook, so you cannot expect the pot to be full,” replied the Moon.

“The pot must be filled when I arrive home,” insisted the Sun, “or something terrible will happen.” Then he left the worried Moon.

The Moon was very sad, but she was a very good wife. She went out to her vegetable garden to gather some gabi leaves. When she was cooking the vegetable, she found out that the longer she cooked it, the less bulky it became. She tried cooking again and again to see if she could get the pot filled to the brim.

When the Sun came home, he immediately asked the Moon for the pot of gabi. When he saw that the pot was not full, he became very angry, and scolded the moon severely. The couple quarreled for a long time.

At last the Sun said, “Here after, we shall be separated. I want you to go your own way.”

“What will happen to our children?” the moon asked. “Who will take care of them?”

“I will not take care of them,” thundered the Sun.

“But if I take them along with me, they will surely suffer from cold,” replied the Moon.

“And they will suffer the heat if they stay with me,” the Sun said.

The Moon would not take the children along with her. This enraged the Sun. He took the bolo, killed the children, and chopped them to pieces. He took small pieces of the children’s flesh from the floor and threw them outside the window of their house saying, “You shall go with them, and look after them in darkness.”

Every piece of the flesh of the dead children of the Sun and the Moon turned into a star. The Moon went away from the Sun, and with her were the stars. To this day, we see the Moon and the Stars together at night and because of the quarrel of the Sun and the Moon, we now have day and night.

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