In the olden days, according to the old Blaans,the American, Muslim and the Blaan were the only people in this world.

One day, Melu the chief god, summoned the representatives of the three races. He gave each one a book of knowledge and instructed them: “Go back to your people and teach them the contents of the book I gave you today.”

“Yes,” chorused the three men.

“Alright, you may go.”

The three left. On their way home, they had to cross a wide and deep river.

“The current is swift,” the American observed.

“Yes,” agreed the Muslim, “we better cross one at a time.”

“Alright, you American, you go first; you, Muslim, will follow; I’ll cross last,” said the Blaan.

So the three agreed. The American went first. When he was midway, he felt as if he would be swept away by the current. In order to keep his book from getting wet, he held it up with his hands. He kept his hands raised until he reached the other side of the river. This is the reason, they say, why Americans always struggle for liberty until today.

Meanwhile, when it was his turn to cross, the Muslim put his book on his head to prevent it from getting wet. He, too, successfully crossed the river. Because the Muslim put his book on his head with great energy, Muslim nowadays are strict in following the doctrines of their Koran.

It was ow the Blaan’s turn to cross the river.

“I will not imitate them, and I will also be able to cross,” he whispered boastfully. Placing his book under his armpit, he pressed it against his body with his arm. Then he started to cross.

By that time the current of the water had grown stronger. When he reached the middle of the river, the current swept him away, because he was smaller than his two companions. Thw Blaan became confused and panicked. Thinking only of saving his life he struck out with his arms, forgetting all about the book under his armpit. The book fell into the water and was carried away by the current. He tried to retrieve it but the current was very strong so he thought it’s best to cross to the other side.

When he was safely on the shore, he ran after floating book. Meanwhile, the book got caught in some rocks in a shallow part of the river. Happily the Blaan ran to get it, but when he almost had it in his grasp, the almugan bird snatched it, swiftly flew away, and disappeared from sight.

Weak with disappointment and his realization that he had nothing to teach his people, the Blaan started walking away. Suddenly he heard the almugan’s call. That, he thought, was he could interpret for his people. If the call came from the right. It was the good omen and they should continue whatever they are doing. But if the call came from the left, they should stop it because it could only end in disaster.

Until now, this is what people believe as the reason why the Blaans are ignorant.

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