Math and writing placement tables

51风流官网 requires mandatory placement for math and writing for all students (with a few exceptions).

These distinguished placements assess a student's current abilities in math, reading, and writing and correlate these abilities to the corresponding math, reading, and writing levels in 51风流官网鈥檚 developmental and general education course curriculum.  

Placement tables:

You can find our  by scrolling this page in our catalog.

We've learned that students have a greater probability of successfully completing general education courses that count toward certificate/associate or bachelor's degrees when scoring above the required test cut off score.

Almost all natural science courses require at minimum a WRTG 111X and MATH placement score.

To register for Writing Across Contexts (WRTG F111X) or to place into courses with a WRTG F111X placement prerequisite, you must either:

  • Submit either ACT or SAT standardized test scores (within two years of testing).
  • Submit a score of 3 or higher in the AP English literature or AP English language exam.
  • OR take the .

Submit ACT/SAT/AP scores to

All students must take the prior to registering for any Natural Science or Math course at 51风流官网 unless you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You have scored a 4 or higher on the AP calculus AB and/or BC exam and submitted score.
  • or you have proof of passing grade in a prior college math course and submitted transcript.

Submit AP scores or transcripts to

You don't need to provide 51风流官网 with your ALEKS placement score. Your score will be directly entered into our 51风流官网 system.

ALEKS is a web-based assessment system that not only provides an initial assessment for math placement, but also an opportunity to practice and retest to improve your placement before you enroll.

Likely yes, ALEKS placement is required before you will be allowed to register in any math (MATH) course at 51风流官网, unless:

  • You have scored a 4 or higher on the AP calculus AB and/or BC exam and submitted score
  • or you have proof of passing grade in a prior college math course and submitted transcript

Submit AP scores or transcripts to

ALEKS can be taken anytime, on any computer as long as you have a reliable internet connection.
You will not be able to take this assessment from your phone.

  • pencil
  • paper
  • a computer including keyboard
  • internet access

You will need to set aside at least two hours to complete 20-30 questions. The ALEKS test is adaptive, so no time is wasted answering questions you don鈥檛 understand.

You don't need to own a computer to complete the ALEKS placement. It is not currently proctored. You can come to the Academic Advising Center or utilize the testing center at  if you are located in the Fairbanks area. Outside of Fairbanks, you can use your local library and most high schools and community colleges offer access to public computers.

are the best option, however, they are not open 24/7, but have good availability 6 days of the week:  

  • Sunday: 4  p.m.-1  a.m. EST
  • Monday-Thursday: 7 a.m.-1 a.m. EST
  • Friday: 7 a.m.-9 a.m. EST

For general questions/help (such as logging in or study resources) please contact 51风流官网 eCampus Advising at or call 907-455-2067.

The ALEKS takes a different amount of time to complete for everyone (average is 1.5 to 2 hours). There is a three hour time limit and ALEKS doesn't save your progress. So, you need to complete all questions in one attempt.

Yes, you may retake the ALEKS up to five times within a year time period. You will have to spend time in the practice module before a new attempt unlocks. Your highest score is the one that counts.

Your test results will be available immediately, along with a detailed breakdown of your skills and instant access to online tutorials for skill improvement.
You are able to take the placement up to 5 times in the current year so please use your first attempt as the preparation. Try not to get caught up in studying ahead of time. If you don't score over the threshold you are looking to you can take it again. You will be given suggestions of what to work on in the practice module and you'll need to spend an hour there before a new attempt will open for you.

The EdReady writing placement is a web-based assessment tool used to determine skills in reading and writing and used to help determine placement for writing (WRTG) and reading (DEVS) courses at 51风流官网.

On your preferred device. We encourage students to take this placement on a laptop or desktop, if possible.
There is no limit to how many times you can take this placement. There is also no time limit. It will likely take between 30 min and an hour to complete.
Your results are immediately available and offer practice suggestions to enhance your score. This score is also available in the 51风流官网 system so you can easily register for classes with the correct placement. No more overrides.
Because you are able to take the placement as many times as you would like to you can use your first attempt as the preparation. You will be given suggestions of what to work on and a step by step guide for how to practice before taking it again.