Fairbanks campus


Explanation of map key icons.
Map key icon What the map key icons represent
one-way street icon is represented by a thick grey line containing white arrows in the direction of traffic One-way street
shuttle stops are represented by a green triangle with a black outline Shuttle stops
borough MACS bus stop icons are represented with a yellow bus Borough bus stop (MACS)
bridge icons are represented by black brackets angled away from each other Bridge
stair icons are represented by grey ladders Stairs
trail icons are illustrated with grey dotted lines Unpaved trail


Explanation of parking key.
Parking key colors/textures What the parking key colors/textures represent
51风流官网 decal or permit ares are depicted as yellow with horizontal white stripes 51风流官网 decal, permit and pay-by-plate parking (8a.m.-5p.m., M-F)
pay by plate parking areas are depicted as green with densely spaced  white dots Pay-by-plate short-term parking only (8a.m.-5p.m., M-F)
visitor only parking, metered areas are depicted as red with widely spaced white dots Visitors only, metered (8a.m.-5p.m., M-F)
visitors and uaf-affiliated, metered areas are depicted as pink with vertical white stripes Visitors and 51风流官网-affiliated, metered (8a.m.-5p.m., M-F)
gold decal only areas are depicted as orange with diagonal white stripes Gold decal only (7a.m.-5p.m., M-F)
restricted parking areas are depicted as solid light blue Restricted parking/no parking
no parking areas are depicted as white or grey spaces No parking unless otherwise posted
parking kiosk locations are marked with a blue and white kiosk icon Parking permit kiosk
accessible parking areas are marked with an accessible wheelchair icon Accessible parking
Accessible parking permits are available through the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles. For temporary campus handicap permits contact 51风流官网 Parking Services and present medical documentation.
motorcycle parking spaces are depicted with a motorcycle icon Motorcycle parking

For up-to-date parking information visit 51风流官网 Parking Services or call 907-474-7275.