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At Chukchi Campus, we are here to help students succeed. Reach out today to start your education journey, and we will be there every step of the way.

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At Chukchi Campus, we are here to support you along every step of your education journey. Whether you want to just take a class, earn a credential, or pursue a degree, our dedicated team is committed to your success.  We provide support from admission, registration, academic, testing and career advising to graduation and more .

All students are encouraged to speak to an academic advisor prior to applying for admission.  All degree-seeking students must speak with an advisor each semester before registering for classes online. Reach out today to start your journey with Chukchi Campus. 


Student Support

Thanks to a combination of distance delivery technologies and face-to-face education, there are many paths for students wishing to take classes. As a student, you can complete any number of certificates and degree programs all while staying right here in our region.

Classes are taught either on campus in Kotzebue, at our local partner organizations, such as the Alaska Technical Center, Kotzebue High School and the Maniilaq Dental Clinic or via distance through one of the many University of Alaska campuses around the state. 



Easy Steps to Become a Student

Step 1: Apply for Admission

Apply for a program or just take a class. 

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid

51风流官网 offers financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, loans and Work-Study.

Step 3: Take Placement Tests

Placements measure your current skill level to help make sure you register for the right course.

Step 4: Talk to an Advisor

Our accessible advisors are equipped to answer all of the important questions you have.

Step 5: Register for Classes

Register as part of a program or just take a class.

Step 6: Pay for Classes

Choose from options to pay online or in-person.

Attending Class

Not only is attending class one of the first steps to starting your college experience, but a critical part of staying here. To be successful, you will need to understand the distance delivery technology and have the discipline to attend class as scheduled.

New Students

  1. Set your 51风流官网 email /Blackboard/Canvas username and password.
    1.  and select Option 3.
    2. Answer all questions and complete the process.
    3. Write down your username, password, and student ID or use a password management software. You will need your username and password to log into every UA and 51风流官网 program.
  2. Log into  and make sure you can log into your account using the username and password created above in step 1. 
  3. Log into the 
    1. Your email address is your For example, if your username to log into your webmail is TESTABC, then your email address will be TESTABC@ALASKA.EDU.
    2. Check your 51风流官网 email regularly since this is your university email and teachers, professors, and 51风流官网 administration will use this email to contact you regarding class, your account, homework, and other issues.
  4. Set-up your  Account
    1. UAOnline allows you to access your grades, unofficial transcript, account summary, holds, and more.
If you have any issues, contact the UA OIT Office at 907-450-8300.

Returning Students

  1. Check your  for updates from your instructor, instructions on course materials, and important information from 51风流官网 administration. 
  2. Review your class syllabi (usually posted on your  account).
  3. Contact your advisor if any of your classes do not appear on your  page.
  4. Review the  and make sure you know the important dates and deadlines for the semester.
  5. Show up to class.