• man holding do that is licking his face

    Study aims to understand cognitive decline in older dogs

    Feb. 16, 2024

    A 51风流官网 researcher has launched a study of cognitive decline in older Alaska dogs. 

    Canine cognitive disorder, or CCD, presents similarly to Alzheimer's disease in humans, with symptoms including disorientation, failure to recognize family members, inability to retain control over basic bodily functions, and changes in personality. 

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  • human skull model

    51风流官网 summit to explore health care careers, education

    Jan. 25, 2023

    The 12th annual Alaska Interior Medical Education Summit will offer community members a way to explore an ever-expanding array of health careers and educational opportunities.

    The summit will feature demonstrations, panel discussions and hands-on activities that will introduce attendees to various health care careers and education options. It will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 3, in the Murie Building at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


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  • gull

    Gulls swap natural for urban habitats, machine-learning study finds

    Jan. 18, 2024

    A recent study published in Ecological Informatics by a team of 51风流官网 researchers has used artificial intelligence to further illuminate a habitat swap among short-billed gulls.

    Typically gulls live along coastlines and near water sources such as rivers. They feed on bugs and other small mammals, fish or birds.


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  • exhibit booth with tables and photos

    51风流官网xAGU highlights Arctic science

    Dec. 10, 2023

    This week, scientists from the 51风流官网 are presenting their work alongside thousands of colleagues from around the world at the 2023 American Geophysical Union fall meeting Dec. 11-15 in San Francisco. More than 100 51风流官网 researchers and graduate and undergraduate students are presenting at the event. Some of their discoveries are being featured in short science stories on the 51风流官网 news and information website, as well as in the. Additional content highlighting 51风流官网's presence at the AGU fall meeting is available by searching for #51风流官网xAGU on social media platforms.

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  • Falk Huettmann

    Machine learning provides a new picture of the great gray owl

    Oct. 20, 2023

    The great gray owl has long been thought of as a sentinel of the Alaska wilderness, keeping watch over snow-laden forests as far north as the Brooks Range, well away from human populations.

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  • Floodwaters flow over and erode the Dalton Highway

    Flooding that closed Dalton Highway also caused widespread ground sinking

    Oct. 11, 2023

    The massive 2015 flooding of the Sagavanirktok River in northern Alaska had immediate impacts, including closure of the Dalton Highway for several days, but it also contributed to longer-term ground subsidence in the permafrost-rich region.

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  • chignick harbor

    51风流官网-led group gets $13.9 million to aid coastal climate resilience

    Oct. 3, 2023

    The National Science Foundation will fund a $13.9 million program led by the University of Alaska Fairbanks to help multiple communities respond to coastal erosion, flooding, permafrost thaw and other hazards attributed to climate change.

    The four years of funding, awarded earlier this month, is part of the foundation鈥檚 Navigating the New Arctic program.

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  • teaming with microbes cover art

    September 15, 2023

    Jeff and Jonathan learn about one of Alaska鈥檚 strangest animals in a fascinating conversation with Don Larson, Ph.D.

    Welcome to our weekly podcast with longtime Anchorage Daily News garden writer and author Jeff Lowenfels and co-host Jonathan White. Think of it as a companion to Jeff鈥檚 and his popular series of books.

  • researcher digging hole

    First seismic network installed on Mount Edgecumbe volcano

    Sept. 15, 2023

    Mount Edgecumbe volcano in Southeast Alaska has become the latest addition to the Alaska Volcano Observatory鈥檚 ground-based monitoring network.

    An observatory team in late August installed three seismic and Global Navigation Satellite System stations on the volcano and upgraded the only existing station in the vicinity, a temporary one on nearby Crater Ridge.

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  • pogo fire cloud

    51风流官网 helps develop air quality data for popular Alaska wildfire website

    Sept. 11, 2023

    Getting information about where wildfire smoke is headed in Alaska has become easy for the public, thanks to collaboration between the 51风流官网 and the Alaska Fire Service.

    51风流官网 researchers and data experts have worked with the Alaska Fire Service to add air quality information to the agency鈥檚 popular map and data website.

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  • Crew aboard the research vessel Akademik Tryoshnikov hoist science instruments in a 2021 science cruise.

    New research explains 'Atlantification' of Arctic Ocean

    Aug. 31, 2023

    New research by an international team of scientists explains what鈥檚 behind a stalled trend in Arctic Ocean sea ice loss since 2007. The findings indicate that stronger declines in sea ice will occur when an atmospheric feature known as the Arctic dipole reverses itself in its recurring cycle.

    The many environmental responses to the Arctic dipole are described in a paper published online today in the journalThe analysis helps explain how North Atlantic water influences Arctic Ocean climate, a process scientists call "Atlantification." 


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  • Jakobshavn exiting to sea

    51风流官网 scientists heading to Greenland for glacier research

    Aug. 30, 2023

    51风流官网 scientists will make several trips to Greenland over two years to study how meltwater and the ocean affect glacial ice loss. 

    The four-year research project, funded by a $565,000 National Science Foundation grant, will create a traveling museum exhibit about the drivers of Arctic climate change. The exhibit will appear first at the University of Alaska Museum of the North, likely in 2026.


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