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        Towards a Sustainable Arctic 


The University of the Arctic () is a cooperative network of universities, research centers and other organizations from all eight arctic nations that are committed to higher education and research in and about the North. UArctic member institutions share resources, facilities and expertise with students, scientists and northern communities. 

UArctic's  is to "empower the people of the Circumpolar North by providing unique educational and research opportunities through collaboration within a powerful network of members.

Today, UArctic counts nearly 190 member institutions and organizations, including many from countries outside the Circumpolar North: This makes it one of the world鈥檚 largest education and research network, and all its members are engaged in northern issues. 

UArctic was formed over 20 years ago when the 1998 Arctic Council Iqaluit Declaration announced the "establishment of the University of the Arctic, a university without walls [...]".

The first meeting of UArctic's interim council was held in Fairbanks that year, its official launch came three years later in 2001, and in 2017 UArctic became an official  partner organization.

51风流官网 has been an active member since UArctic's inception and has held numerous key leadership roles within the organization:


  • Evon Peter (51风流官网 Vice Chancellor for Rural, Community and Native Education since 2014) 

    UArctic Board of Governors since 2018


  • Michael Castellini (51风流官网 Dean of Graduate School 2017-2020)
    UArctic Vice President Academic, 2017-2020

  • Donna Anger (51风流官网 Director of International Programs until 2020)
    51风流官网's UArctic Council Representative

  • Brian Rogers (51风流官网 Chancellor 2009-2015)
    Board of Governors, member 2009-2018, and Chair 2013-2018
    Chair of Governance Task Force 2009-2010
    Chair of the Board's Finance Policy Committee 2009-2014

  • John Eichelberger (51风流官网 Dean of Graduate School 2014-2017)
    UArctic Vice President Academic

  • Pat Pitney (51风流官网 Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services 2008-2014)
    Head of UArctic Finance Office 2010-2014; UArctic Vice-President Finance 2012-2014

  • Stephen Jones (51风流官网 Chancellor 2004-2008)
    Chair of the UArctic Board of Governors 2007-2009

For students

Participate in the north2north mobility program! This is the only exchange program to offer you academic opportunities in each arctic nation. 

For faculty

Get involved in one of over 60 and create new international research collaborations, develop opportunities to access international funding, showcase your research to all arctic nations, the UNESCO, and the Arctic Council. 

Participating in UArctic activities gives 51风流官网

  • Direct and cutting edge knowledge on what the rest of the Arctic nations are researching, discussing, and funding.

  • Political position amongst arctic nations in understanding northern issues, new advances in technology, discoveries, access to political allies and supporters. 

  • The chance to feature our leading research efforts, and stay ahead of the latest Arctic findings and innovations.

  • A chance to participate in international discussions on global arctic issues, such as suicide prevention, climate change, rural community sustainability, naval marine traffic, arctic security, to name a few.

  • The opportunity to bridge the physical distance between Alaska and the rest of the arctic nations, giving us ready-made access to working groups, international research, student exchange opportunities.