Student employment at the Wood Center student union

The student staff plays a vital role in fulling the Wood Center's mission. We aim to provide a supportive, comprehensive, and integrated approach to education and personal development of our student employees.

This is a list of all the student positions that Wood Center has to offer. Not all of these positions are open at one time. For a list of jobs open in Wood Center NOW please visit .



Front Desk Attendant
Responsible for providing services at the main desk and the games area at Wood Center. Services include campus information; lost and found services; recreational (pool tables and bowling alley) services; campus switchboard; sale of cultural tickets; and sundry sale services.

Pub Attendant
Enforce State laws and University policies with regards to the sale and serving of alcohol beverages and with regards to preparation of food; monitor, assess and act upon the consumption of alcohol of customers; customer services; food preparation; cashiering; sale of food and beverages; bussing and waiting of tables; cleaning of premises; stocking; assisting in planning, programming, and implementing activities programs; participation in programs/activities; participation in training programs and regular staff meetings. 鈥⑩UST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD OF AGE鈥⑩).