Welcome home.

Welcome Home.

We can't wait to welcome you to your new home at 51风流官网! Living on campus is your instant membership to our vibrant 51风流官网 community. Your new residence hall is convenient to your classrooms, dining choices, library, academic resources 鈥 and most of all, it's where you and your friends will have the experiences you've been waiting for.



51风流官网 is invested in your success as a student. Experience and research conclusively shows that living on campus 鈥 especially during your first year in college 鈥 leads to academic success and greater connection to the campus community. All incoming first-year undergraduate students attending the Troth Yeddha' campus in Fairbanks who are enrolled in 9 credits or more, and under the age of 21, are required to live on campus. 



How to Apply for Housing

  1. Using your UA username and password, log into
  2. Select "Applications and Forms" from the menu in the upper left corner.
  3. Select "51风流官网 Housing Eligibility Form".
  4. Once the eligibility form has been completed, you'll then have access to the second half of your housing application in your housing portal. It'll be located under "Applications and Forms".
  5. Select "51风流官网 First Year Housing and Dining Application."



Roommate Selection

Having a roommate is one of the best parts of living on campus. You'll learn valuable life skills that will prepare you to interact with people the rest of your life. But let's be real, living with a roommate is not always easy and will take some work. We'll be providing you with roommate tips throughout the summer to help you prepare. However, you need to get a roommate first.


You have options.  

  • Leave it to chance and the Department of Residence Life will match you with a roommate based on the information you provided in your application. 
  • Use Yada to help you find a roommate. Yada is a personality assessment matching tool and will pick people who will be compatible with you based on your assessment results. You can see your matches in your .
  • Live with someone you already know. You'll both need to have completed a housing application.


Selecting a Roommate

  1. Log into the .
  2. Select "Room Selection".
  3. Select "Select Roommates".
  4. If you want to see potential roommates based on your Yada results, select "Yada Compatible Roommate Suggestions" or "Yada Complementary Roommate Suggestions". If you put someone's name in the "Search for Roommate", you'll be able to see their Roommate Profile and contact information 鈥 in case you want to reach out to say "hello!"  
  5. If you have a specific person who also wants to be your roommate, select "Search for Roommate" and enter their name. They'll need to have also completed their own housing application.    
  6. Hit the "Request Roommate" button.
  7. The other person will be emailed your request. If they confirm, you're matched!


Roommate Finding Tips

  • Complete your Yada assessment so others will have a chance to learn more about you.
  • Complete your Roommate Profile. This will include any additional information you want potential roommates to see.




Have Questions?

The 51风流官网 Department of Residence is here to help! Call 907-474-7247 or email uaf-housing@alaska.edu.