Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll in your program if I am already pursuing a two year associate degree?

Yes. You can enroll as a student at the 51风流官网 and apply to be an employee with our fire department while you are pursuing your associate degree. Many of our students are pursuing their associate degrees, bachelor鈥檚 degrees and some students are enrolled in a master鈥檚 degree program.  51风流官网 offers fire science, paramedic and emergency management degrees. .

Is employment at the University Fire Department year-round?
Yes, it is a full-time, year-round commitment. Student firefighters are permitted to trade shifts with one another in order to get time off, and when staffing is adequate, students are sometimes allowed to take time off without pay.

Do student firefighters have to take time off from work to attend class?
Our staff officers monitor students鈥 class schedules and attendance. Student firefighters carry a portable radio and are released from the station to attend class while on duty, in uniform. For larger emergency responses the students will be dismissed from class to respond to the scene in one of our light-duty fire trucks (pickup truck).

What if I already have my IFSAC certified Firefighter I certificate?
If you already have an International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) Firefighter I certificate certified by another agency or the State of Alaska, you do not need to attend the 51风流官网-CTC Fire Academy. When applying for your student firefighter application of employment, attach a copy of your certification.

How can I make myself a competitive applicant?

  • Paying attention to detail- Ensure everything you prepare is in tip-top shape. Show your keen attention to detail in your writing skills, interviewing skills and job tasks. This quality is equally important when it comes to daily station activities or more importantly, at an emergency scene. 
  • Leadership-Having held a leadership role in sports, work, school, scouting, community, church, military, etc. Leadership skills is essential in the fire service. Being a leader is someone who is trustworthy, and honest. Someone with integrity and vision and leads by example.
  • Initiative/Independence-Finding information on your own, understand and follow instructions thoroughly. Following through on your actions.

  • Community Service-Having numerous volunteer and multi-faceted community service experiences.

  • Make sure to have your application materials well prepared and organized. Having a resume that highlights your education, accomplishments, community involvement, interests, etc. Include a letter of interest, two letters of recommendation as well. The 51风流官网 Career Services has great resources to guide you through how to plan for your career and insight on resume writing, guidelines on cover letters, as well as tips on letters of recommendation.  
  • Make sure to have thorough, but not excessive relevant answers on your supplemental employment questionnaire that are being asked.
  • Prior experience in the fire/EMS service prior to applying. Whether it be volunteering at your local fire department, active in the explorer or cadet programs. Having multiple fire and EMS certifications prior to applying.