Fire Prevention & Safety

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Starvation Gulch Bon Fire 2023

The department provides a fire log.  and is found at the Fire Department during normal business hours.

It鈥檚 an exciting time at the 51风流官网 and the University Fire Service Area鈥here are lots of exciting changes happening around campus and the Fire Prevention office is dedicated to promoting life safety throughout the University of Alaska Fairbanks and to the residents of its fire service area through effective life safety programs that help protect all our students, faculty, staff and residents from the ravages of fire. The Fire Prevention office is responsible for instilling fire safety as a core value in our student firefighters and giving them a solid foundation in fire prevention methodologies.

The Fire Prevention office has four basic program objectives:

Plan Review 鈥 Plan reviews are conducted to ensure that buildings are built to provide a safe means to escape or provide a safe refuge to occupants in the event of a fire. They also provide a means for buildings to help limit the spread of smoke and fire in the event a fire starts, and by providing fire detection and extinguishing systems in University Buildings.

Fire Inspections 鈥 The focus of a fire inspection is to identify and correct problems that may lead to a fire, delay notification of a fire and remove any obstacles that may impede or block egress from a building. Inspections also ensure fire alarm and detection systems are maintained and operate in accordance with fire code. Conduct voluntary Home Fire Safety inspections upon request to reduce the potential for fires in residences.

Public Education 鈥 Our goal is to teach fire safety within our community to prevent death or injury from the ravages of fire. To accomplish this we provide educational programs for all ages from the youth in our local schools, to our college students and our senior citizens. We also provide fire education to any organization in our service area upon request.

Investigations - Fire origin and cause determination is necessary for all fire incidents. It is through efficient and effective fire origin and cause determination that future fire events may be avoided. Proper fire cause determinations also assist in reporting accurate fire statistics.