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Hello Future Nanook Family Member!

We're so glad you and your student are considering the 51风流官网! While you and your student are weighing your student's options for college, we invite you to join the Nanook Family Connection 鈥 a platform just for family members of Nanook Nation, like you.

Use the 51风流官网 Nanook Family Connection to find resources that will help your University of Alaska Fairbanks student navigate the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of college life. Take some time to explore:

  • News Feed 鈥 All the information you need, in one place. You鈥'll find 51风流官网 campus news, upcoming events and deadlines 鈥 all geared toward your interests.
  • Regular newsletters on your schedule 鈥 No time to log in? No problem. We'll send you personalized email updates about everything going on at the 51风流官网.
  • Save and share articles 鈥 Save articles for later or share them across other social media platforms. We make it easy for you to share information with your students, even when they鈥檙e living on the 51风流官网 campus.
  • Alerts via email 鈥 We鈥檒l let you know about important 51风流官网 admissions deadlines, campus updates, registration dates and much more.


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Is your student ready to apply?

Have questions about the application?





An important step in succeeding in college is keeping track of important deadlines and events 鈥 such as orientation, financial aid submission dates and registration deadlines.

Academic Calendar

Wondering when your student will be home for the holiday break? You can find all holidays and residence hall closings 鈥 as well as all the other important academic dates 鈥 on the 51风流官网 events calendar or the academic calendar.

Admissions Events

Check out the virtual and in-person events hosted by the Office of Admissions. Learn about 51风流官网 majors, financial aid and scholarships, housing, advising, registration, and more 鈥 directly from the 51风流官网 experts! See the 51风流官网 Admissions Events.


We welcome you to join us at Parent and Family Orientation. Attending this orientation is a great way for family members to learn how to support their student as they move to the 51风流官网 campus and start college. See the 51风流官网 Orientation Information.



Campus Life

Living on campus is a proven way for students to succeed academically, connect with their peers and engage with campus life. That鈥檚 why the 51风流官网 requires that all first-year students live on campus.

Fun fact: 51风流官网鈥檚 residence halls are the only ones in the nation to boast a view of the Alaska Range and Denali 鈥 the highest peak in North America.

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Health and Safety

51风流官网 takes your student's safety seriously. On-campus medical services, counseling services, fire department and police services are just the start of our promise to you that we'll do everything in our power to keep your student safe at 51风流官网.

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FERPA for Families

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the education records of students, affording them rights of privacy and control over their educational records. FERPA covers any records that a university keeps that are directly related to a student. This includes their grades, class registrations, student bill, campus housing records, disciplinary records and almost everything that contains personally identifiable information. This even includes their student status with 51风流官网 鈥 whether or not they are even currently a 51风流官网 student is protected by FERPA.

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