Canvas as a learning management system (LMS)


How do I know if my instructor is using Canvas?

You can check the delivery method of your courses by looking at the 鈥渓ocation鈥 column within your Concise Student Schedule at . Once logged in:

  1. Choose 鈥淪tudent Services and Account Information鈥
  2. Click 鈥淩egistration鈥
  3. Under Post-Registration, choose 鈥淐oncise Student Schedule鈥

If you have any further questions, .

Why is 51风流官网 using Canvas?

  • Canvas supports the Chancellor's strategic goal to modernize the student experience.
  • Its mobile app makes it possible for students to do the majority of classwork from the palm of their hand.
  • It's more accessible for diverse learners.
  • It has lighter bandwidth requirements, making it more available in rural areas (鈪 less than Blackboard).
  • Many students are already familiar with the Canvas interface. The State of Alaska Department of Early Education and Development recently selected Canvas as the LMS for Alaska's K-12 schools.